Status: PMSing

January 16, 2009

So obvious meh. Ok. I must start talking normally. I’m hyper? I think all the hyperness increases my metabolic rate which leads to me not piling on the poundsssss. Ok. I’m gonna walk. No more bouncing, jumping, running, skipping. YES. And do everything as slow as possible. Ok fck. Don’t think tht’s possible. OGL thing, must be hyper hyper enthu enthu 24/7 yawwwww. WOoohooooo.

Eh omg I was watching HEROS jst now. Damn interesting luh! Ok. I think tht cheerleader girl shld do smth about her eyebrow colour. Your eyebrow colour is supposed to match your hair colour. She’s a blondie but her eyebrows are almost black. A bit funny leh.

Lunch-ed with MAHAHAHAHA just now. WE MUST TAKE PICTURES SOOON! I love her truckloads la. On the other hand I changed the blog thingy a bit. It was starting to look too botanical gardeny.

Girls shldnt smoke. Really. It’s very unglam.


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